The Wood Industry

Barbour County is located in premier hardwood country within ½ days drive of 60% of the population of the United States. We have a qualified work force and competitive wages. The Belington Industrial Park is one of seven sites in the U. S. that can take a log and see it thru to a finished product.

Barbour County is a charter member of the Hardwood Alliance Zone (HAZ), an organization of seven County Development Authorities that have joined together to promote the manufacture of secondary wood products in West Virginia.


The West Virginia Hardwood Alliance Zone offers a cost-competitive manufacturing infrastructure.  The region also offers the following:



  • One of the lowest industrial electricity costs in the US
  • Competitive costs for other types of utilities
  • Labor wage rates that range from 10% to 20% below US average wage rates for most occupational categories applicable to wood manufacturing businesses
  • Established industrial parks within each county of the West Virginia Hardwood Alliance Zone
  • Well-trained and productive existing workforce
  • Technical and training support from the West Virginia University Appalachian Hardwood Center and the West Virginia Wood Technology Center
  • Advanced telecommunications access to many locations
  • Established local and regional vendor services supporting large manufacturing operation

The Plastics Industry

The Philippi Industrial Park is home to Snyder Industries and Delta Cooling, two nationally recognized plastic manufacturing companies.  Snyder Industries is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of tank and containment solutions for the bulk storage, processing and transportation of a wide variety of liquid, solid and dry materials.  Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. designed the first engineered plastic (polyethylene) cooling tower in 1971.  Since this time, they have improved and expanded to a full line of factory assembled cooling towers for any application.




33 South Main St.

Philippi WV, 26416 USA

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